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Empowering Children Through Technology In Learning July 07, 2017

In the era of technological advancement, exposing children to interactive methods of learning is essential. It is commendable that Dell is seeking to achieve this – to allow a well-rounded development of the young students of our nation.

- The Logical Indian,

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Dell India Launches Aarambh PC for Education Initiative June 07, 2016

"The programme enables both parents and teachers to actively aid in the educational development of the child, while using a PC and create an encompassing ecosystem and supportive background for the child."

- Gadgets 360,

Sources: Press Trust of India

Dell launches novel PC for education initiative June 07, 2016

Through Aarambh, Dell will engage with three key audiences -- students, teachers and parents -- in a series of activities meant to build their confidence and familiarity with using the PC.

- Sources: IANS,

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How Dell India Aarambh's PC for Education initiative aims to empower rural kids, their mothers and teachers. August 4, 2016

“Dell India is laying the foundation of a brighter society that will be built by the youth.”


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