10 Must-See TED Talks For Teachers

Just before the first bell.
Break time.
Evenings after the school day.
The weekend.

You, the ever-busy teacher can spare up to 15 minutes for some much-needed inspiration to pep up the classroom. And, what better way to do so than to listen to a TED talk by a globally renowned expert speaker.

1. Teachers need Real Feedback

In this 10 minute talk, Bill Gates establishes the importance of receiving feedback for both new and seasoned teachers by highlighting a number of success stories.[1]

2. Hey science teachers – make it fun

Science teacher and YouTuber Tyler DeWitt, explains how telling a story and simplifying concepts into easy, understandable chunks makes students actually look forward to science period.[2]

3. Teach teachers how to create magic

A little unorthodox for Indian teachers but educator Christopher Emdin makes a valid point that teachers should learn from people of other walks of life, especially performers to keep classroom energies alive.[3]

4. Every kid needs a champion

A teacher for over 40 years, Rita Pierson talks about how making a personal connection with students makes a world of difference in their motivation levels to study and enthusiasm in class.[4]

5. Use video to reinvent education

Hedge fund analyst turned education entrepreneur, Sal Khan makes a case for giving students video lectures to watch at home, and do "homework" in the classroom with the teacher’s help.[5]

6. Three rules to spark learning in the classroom

Chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam explains how a teacher's greatest tool should be their student's questions to spark a conversation in class, helping them remember subject matter better.[6]

7. Teaching Maths with computers

Mathematician Conrad Wolfram presents his radical idea of teaching math through computer programming so children learn to link theory to real-life problems - a must for their future.[7]

8. Easy DIY projects that can be done in the classroom

Technologist Fawn Qiu gives ideas for low-cost and easy to do science projects so children can see the theory put into creative action, having a little bit of fun along the way.[8]

9. Learning from a barefoot movement

Founder of Barefoot College and solar power enthusiast, Bunker Roy, gives a very inspiring talk on the connection between education and becoming self-sufficient no matter how remote your village is![9]

10. Can a robot pass a university entrance exam?

AI expert Noriko Arai gives a realistic perspective on how to help children excel at the things humans will do better than robots in the coming years - actually understanding what is taught to them.[10]

Every teacher wants a class of highly engaged and motivated students, preferably every day of the academic year. Equipped with a PC and the know-how of a couple of free teaching tools - you’re on your way to students understanding the concepts being taught to them and perform their level best in exams and assignments.



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