Three Indian Young Achievers In Tech You Need To Know!

There's no age-limit for awesome. While you may know of various innovators in technology, there are also some who are as young as you, maybe even younger! These young achievers are making everyone proud with their inventions and innovations in the field of technology.

It's time you got to know some of them!

1. Tenith Adithyaa - Inventor extraordinaire

Ever heard of adjustable Electricity Extension Board and Banana Leaf Preservation Technology? Tenith is the boy behind these inventions! He already has 17 inventions under his name. He was also mentored at the Rashtrapati Bhavan back in 2013.

2. Angad Daryani - The next Elon Musk!

Teenager Angad Daryani from Mumbai used open-source software to come up with a virtual e-reader for the blind, a boat that runs on solar power, an automated gardening system called Garduino and also India's cheapest 3D printer called Sharkbot. He also dropped out of school and started his own kit company to sell affordable DIY kits for children.

3. Anand Gangadharan & Mohak Bhalla - The genius duo

Anand and Mohak, two friends from Delhi invented a shoe that also works as a portable charger for mobile devices. They call it the "Walkie Mobi Charger" which generates 6 Volts of electricity as opposed to the 5 Volts that most chargers generate.

These young achievers made the right use of technology to create and innovate. They are living proof that with technology at your side there is no limit to what you can achieve, no matter what your age. With so much to be inspired from, get started on your own adventure with technology by trying these fun tech hobbies

No age is too young and no dream too big. Get started now!


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