4 Microsoft Office Lesson Plans Your Students Will Love


Microsoft Office is a beneficial tool that is widely used in the office, home and school to organize, manage and present information, data and figures.


Here are 4 Microsoft office lesson plans that will help students have a fun learning experience.

  1. Microsoft Word Lesson Plans - Word is a popular program primarily used for creating documents like essays, tests, and quizzes. Word has many simple and useful features that make studying and deciphering information easier. For example, it helps in English essay writing by highlighting grammatical errors and suggesting corrections to make everything grammatically correct.
  2. Microsoft Excel Lesson Plans - Excel can organize data in an easy-to-navigate way and can do basic as well as complex mathematical problems. It turns piles of data into colorful charts and diagrams, and analyses it to make predictions. For example, students can use excel to carry out Math problems like subtraction by choosing the correct formula.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint lesson Plans - PowerPoint helps organize and structure presentations by creating a professional and consistent format. It provides an illustrative backdrop to the content and animates slides for greater visual impact. This helps students learn in a more fun manner instead of studying from history, geography, science
  4. Microsoft Publisher Lessons Plans -Publisher manages to make students creative, artistic, and imaginative. It can be effective in the classroom for the following reasons:
  • Students can write and illustrate a story during their presentations/oral examinations
  • They can create an interactive newsletter for projects/assignments
  • Publisher can be used for making digital catalogues and greeting cards for art and craft

Being a teacher, you should definitely prepare for the Microsoft Office certification. This certification will help you teach the above lessons even more effectively and easily as it has the latest tools and technology to enhance your skills as per a globally recognized standard. These skills will help you to upgrade and transform your student’s relationship with learning.

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