4 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss in Your Child


Kids love summer vacation! Days of fun, sun, relaxation and no school. The vacation is a good break from their usual academic timetable, but not without consequences. Research shows that for some children, a few months off school in the summer can lead to major setbacks in the following academic year, including loss of knowledge and lowered test scores. This is called “summer learning loss'.

Here are some common signs of summer learning loss

  1. Students score less on tests at the end of vacation than they did at the beginning of vacations.
  2. They experience a loss in Math computational skills.
  3. Their reading and spelling abilities are affected.

So how can you prevent summer learning loss?

1. Develop Math Skills

Though it may not be fun for them, working on just three to four math problems per day during the summer can prevent your child's mathematical skills from getting rusty. You can also look at online tools & videos to help them brush up on their mathematical concepts. One such channel is Patrick JMT - is one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube, offering free Math videos to over 150,000 subscribers.

2. Build grammar skills

To make sure your child doesn't lose his grip on the language, it would help to review grammar concepts together and begin to work on the next year's syllabi. Make your child understand concepts better using videos and websites like English Grammar 101 to ensure their language skills do no experience a setback.

3. Creative writing through blogs

Encourage your child to start a blog. They can update the blog with travel stories and vacation DIY success stories, or write on any topic that inspires them. This will kindle their creativity, keep them engaged and help them write with fluency.

4. Focus on the weakest subjects

There's always at least one subject that your child struggles with. Summer vacations are a great time to work on that one boring subject and turn the tables! Interactive lessons from Edurite are an add-on to Dell products. They are effective at enhancing your child's knowledge in all subjects so that they begin the next academic year with a well-rounded knowledge base.

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