5 Ted Talks Every Parent Should Watch

Today’s digital parent is the product of our times. The new-age parent is on top of all things tech and takes time out to keep up with the most relevant parenting expertise.

1) A little self-control goes a long way -  Joachim de Posada

A fascinating take on the connection between self-discipline and success for children as they grow up by motivational coach Joachim de Posada. The talk also features a hilarious video of children trying not to eat a marshmallow which is actually a landmark experiment on predicting future success!

2) Being adventurous is good - Caroline Paul

An encouraging talk by firefighter Caroline Paul on helping young girls reach their own potential by pushing boundaries. The video covers stories where the firefighter herself gets out of her comfort zone to do things that other didn’t even think!

3) It’s all about making the most of the digital age - Jack Conte

A relevant and hopeful talk for parents who are feeling doubtful about their children having a career in a creative field in the digital age by YouTuber Jack Conte. Right from how to make money on a regular basis to knowing one’s true worth, the video is an uplifting watch.

4) Help them find work they love - Scott Dinsmore

A must-watch for every parent trying to help their child to figure out a career path by entrepreneur Scott Dinsmore. He shares what he learned about finding out what matters to you — and then getting started doing it.

5) Parenting, backed by science - Helen Pearson

For the past 70 years, British scientists have been studying thousands of children through their lives to find out why some are happy and healthy while others struggle to be. By scientist Helen Pearson, the talk is very moving with observations backed by years of scientific study.

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