5 Ways to Motivate Struggling Learners in Class


We have the best teaching plan, develop best assessments to track progress, plans, and maps to ensure timely completion of the semester, but still, lack something?? Wouldn’t it be a joy to see an ordinary student achieving great success?

Here are 5 strategies that can be used in the classroom using a PC to motivate students:

  • Interpret the mind of the student: Students have a hidden belief about learning. They believe that they’re born without certain abilities and talents and may overcome this only when they feel motivated. The most important element to overcome this is by praising them, for example, You’ve been doing better in your written assignments every week, Oh wow, you’ve been practicing your reading, your drawing seems to be great. Praise for abilities encourages long-term learning and motivates them to do even better next time.
  • The buddy mentoring program- Do not be a teacher to your student all the time, instead try being their buddy. This will help them gain confidence and trust in you resulting in better performance. The modern way to education and staying connected can be online, through one drive and Emails. You can store and share your data on these platforms.
  • Try 2*4 technique- Simple and effective. This technique suggests students express their thoughts for 2 minutes for 4 days. They can simply talk about anything they want - from who is their best friend to which subject they like the most? You will know more about your students, build rapport, and even discuss what is troubling them.
  • Encourage group activities- Group work can be an effective method to motivate students, encourage active learning, and communication. Students involved in group work are corporative and show better progress and confidence than the students performing activities solely (The National Academies Press- https://www.nap.edu/read/5287/chapter/3).


  • Track Progress- Human tend to see the negative over positive(s). Make sure you inculcate positivity in children by showing them their progress report. The report can be shown through diagrams and excel to make them believe how far they have come.


Inspirational teachers shower genuine warmth and empathy which motivates students to be the best versions of themselves, making your teaching go from good to great!


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