Cool Sci-Fi Movies To Watch For Some Tech-Inspiration!

Science fiction movies are pretty cool, aren't they? Using camera tricks and computer graphics, studios can create effects that defy nature, physics, and everything we know. They show us a world of possibility, holding up a mirror to the possibilities of tomorrow.

Make sure the movies mentioned below are on your watch-list!

1) I, Robot

The age-old question of "can robots be self-aware?" is asked in this film. Impressive effects and a top-notch performance from Will Smith stand out. Sonny is the robot at the heart of this blockbuster, which acknowledges the Asimov's three laws of robotics and pushes us to wonder what makes us human?

2) Chappie

No other sci-fi character will be as endearing as the one at the centre of Neill Blomkamp's movie "Chappie." With a titanium body and a child's mind, Chappie is a fascinating figure that you don't want to miss!

3) WallE

Wall-E is the story of a robot left on Earth 700 years in the future to clean up the mess that humans have left behind. One day he meets Eve a sleek, floating robot scanning the planet for signs of life. They soon set off on the journey of a lifetime to bring human beings back home to earth. This interestingly cute story by Pixar, will make you fall in love with robotics and artificial intelligence.

4) Big Hero 6

Meet Baymax, the cuddly looking inflatable robot at the heart of this film. Join him and Hiro a 14-year-old robotics genius who along with his friends form a gang of hi-tech superheroes and set out to battle the forces of evil. Add this to your watch list, because robots can be heroes too.

5) Tron: Legacy

A remake of the 1982 movie, the film is all about Kevin Flynn, a video game designer who is turned into a digital person by an evil software pirate named Master Control. With geometrical landscapes that unite cyberspace & games, you are in for the adventure of your life.

A sci-fi film unites imagination and technology to create magic. It demonstrates how technology allows us to create alternative worlds and realities and bring them to life. These films show us just how much is possible with the right tools and embracing technology is just the first step towards exploring all the possibilities that it has to offer.

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