#DigiParents - 3 Tips for Effective Management of Kids’ Internet Time


Children love the Internet for gaming and the endless scrolling. For the endless learning and the wide range of entertaining content available.


However, there is a clear drawback. More often than not, scrolling can become mindless and dangerously long amounts of time can be wasted while watching TV shows and cartoons. And that’s why we are sharing these simple tips that you as parents, can immediately use to effectively manage your kids’ Internet and screen time.


  1. Encourage Learning New Skills


Ensure that the children are using a variety of media and E-learning platforms and apps to learn new skills ranging from Origami and science projects to singing and learning a new language. 


Share their work with the world. Let your children get as much feedback as possible. Use the Internet, Kids and Tech to your advantage. Trust us. In no time, they’ll be doing a lot more than laying on the couch and watching cartoons, every single day.


  1. Encourage Hobbies And Critical Thinking


Motivate your children to take up classes across extracurricular activities. Perhaps your child wants to take up playing a musical instrument like the piano. There are plenty of online platforms that offer courses. Gently nudge them towards developing passions.


You could also push them to play mind development games like Sudoku and crosswords, which are easily available, online. This will improve their memory and logic skills.


Apps such as Clockwork Brain or Brainbean will challenge and educate your children via puzzles, memory and other edu-games. Critical thinking is a 21st century essential and it’s important that all children of tomorrow develop it. 


  1. Guided And Limited Access


Features such as the ‘guided access’ limits the time that you can access particular apps. You can set different limits for different apps with more restrictions on games and streaming apps. Guided access will help your children use their time with technology in a more productive way.

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