Digital Skills Every Parent Must Teach Their Child

Technology has streamlined a lot of aspects of our lives, but it can also cause tension and stress. With our children being at the centre of this digital paradigm shift, we must instil digital discipline skills in them from an early age.


1. Digital Use:

Kids nowadays take to modern devices almost instantly. It is important to educate them about making the most of these devices while learning and exploring their creativity.

2. Digital Safety:

Practical ways of ensuring your child’s digital safety include talking to them about the threats, enabling them to be alert and spot red flags. Children-friendly search engines and using parental controls can also certainly help.

3. Digital security:

Hacking, scams, and cyber-bullying have become commonplace today. The ability to detect threats and manage risks online is crucial. You should also have the conversation about safety protocols in case of any problematic online situations.

4. Digital emotional intelligence:

You must impart digital emotional intelligence on to your kids as they navigate the online world. Children need to understand the value of being empathetic online. They need to learn to be kind to themselves and others.

5. Digital communication:

Digital expression is liberating. Our kids need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with others. The resources and tools can really boost their talents and creativity.


With these digital skills and approaches, children will be able to thrive in this digital age. You can join our webinars to know more about insightful digital practices here:

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