Distance Learning - 8 Tips To Help Kids Maintain Focus And Stay Engaged

Keeping students engaged during the era of remote learning can be both fascinating and challenging. They key lies in keeping them enthusiastic about learning and fuelling their curiosity. Here are a few tips that will help:


  1. Collaborate With Parents: A video-conference meeting twice a month is great for tracking the students’ progress. As a teacher, you should also provide the parents with access to digital learning resources that they can use to keep the children engaged, beyond classroom hours.
  2. Make Learning Fun: Sessions like ‘Science Facts In 60 Seconds’ on Tiktok will allow you to connect with your students in ways you’ve never before.
  3. Double Down On Positive Reinforcement: Hand-delivered awards, mailed certificates and overall positive recognition can deeply motivate a child.
  4. Focus On Mental Health: Provide access for group or individual counselling sessions. Additional support for academic, behaviour, social needs can ensure that all students are able to participate and engage.
  5. Simplify The Lessons: Simplify what you teach and how you teach it. Focus on skills and concepts from the curriculum. This will ensure that the child goes a long way.
  6. Leverage Technology: Use music, video gaming, sound design, and more to change the game for the students.
  7. Track The Transitions: Make sure you plan the transitions between lessons well in advance so there is no wastage of time. Feel free to use a timer.
  8. Prepare For The Worst: 3 Words. Flimsy, Internet, Connections. But if you anticipate that everything will go wrong, you will also be able to manage your losses and time better.


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