Embrace Technology, Don’t Fear It - 3 Reasons Why?

Parenting in a digital world is a challenge. But as a parent, if you embrace technology and not fear it, it can have a positive impact on your child. You can leverage digital tools to make your child’s digital journey, a safe one. Technology can be enlightening in a few ways.


  1. Fueling Curiosity


Technology fuels endless curiosity. It allows your child to share their curiosity about a subject with their peers and teachers – via chats or online forums. Encourage your child to want to know more about the subjects that fascinate them - whether your child wants to learn about how robots are built or about the origins of Origami. This curiosity could lead to your child developing diverse interests or choose fascinating career paths.


  1. Tracking Progress


Technology has enabled a more consistent dialogue between parents and teachers. Tracking the child’s progress will help you identify areas that need additional work. You can then collaborate with their teacher to be able to work on those areas and unlock your child’s full potential.


  1. Open Conversations


Conversations about the fundamentals and the constant evolution in technology will ensure that your child not only feels safe, but also is confident about making the most of technology. Striking a balance between support and independence is key.


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