Five Back To School Essentials For Teachers



The beginning of a new academic year can be nerve-racking for teachers, as much as it is for students. While you can’t do much about the busy days, stacks of papers to mark and lessons to teach - these back to school essentials will make everything a whole lot easier for you.

1. Planner

Every teacher needs a good planner to keep track of lessons, meetings, and appointments. Try a free online planner like DayViewer to make sure you’re focused and organised for the week or month ahead.  PC tools even give you the option to collaborate with other teachers and administrators in your school.

2. Stationery

The basics are probably the most important – a classic red pen, yellow highlighters, chalk, whiteboard markers, and sticky notes. You can also stock up on plain white labels to keep everything labelled, organised and easily accessible for all your teaching needs.

3. A Sturdy And Spacious Backpack

A sturdy backpack is an absolute must-have for your on-the-go lifestyle. Your PC, papers, lunch, snacks, stationery and other daily essentials need the perfect space, so don’t forget about getting a backpack!

4. Pendrive

Pendrives are extremely nifty, especially when you’re moving from class-to-class or creating presentations or assignments at home for an upcoming class.  They are easy to throw into your backpack and make sure you have all your lesson resources handy wherever you need it!

5. Portable Desk Organiser

An organised desk is an organised mind. Handling a class full of children is challenging enough, you don’t want to lose your productivity and patience to a cluttered desk. A good organiser is one that holds all your important things in place - from your stationery and pen drive to your phone and charger - keep everything right where you can see it!

Now that we have some of the essentials out of the way, it’s time to tackle another task that takes a lot of time and patience - lesson planning. From tips, tricks and even tools - we’ve put together a five-point checklist for lesson plans which will make you a pro. Happy Teaching!

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