Five Classroom Ice-Breakers You Have To Try!


As the term starts, teachers face a universal problem to draw students’ attention in class. To engage students, gain their involvement and make them comfortable, it is necessary to have ice-breaking sessions in class.

The question here is how you can solve this problem. Here are some insights that will help you!


Create your Avatar

Ask your students to create avatars of themselves and show them to the entire class. Other students can try to guess the personality behind the avatars. Doppleme tool will help your students to create their avatars for free. Not only does this activity keep students engaged, but it also helps them discover things about one and another.


Classroom Blog

Create a classroom blog and ask students to write a short post introducing themselves to others. Kidblog tool is convenient to use and will keep students engaged plus, it helps them discover what they have in common.


Self Portrait

Ask your students to draw themselves with sketchpad for free. Let your students be innovative and creative in showcasing their self-portraits. This builds confidence as they are able to find likeminded-people to interact with.


Use Comics

MakeBelief is a tool that will help you make comics to engage your students. You can customize stories the way you want to grab attention and have fun with students. It is free, easy and simple to use.


Human Bingo

Human Bingo will help students find people with similar interests, hobbies, skills, etc. to help them have lots of one to one conversations with their classmates. Ask students to fill it out digitally.


Now that students have your attention and feel comfortable with all the ice-breaking sessions it is important to engage them with assignments too. So, find out how you can make every assignment engaging for your class.

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