Five Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child Into Extra-Curricular Activities



What’s missing here?

An activity your child loves and looks forward to!

Imagine the boredom of having the same routine day after day. It’s the same feeling that adults missing out on work-life balance have - something you may be familiar with or have experienced at some point in your professional life.

By enrolling your child in extra-curricular activities, you’ll be giving your child an opportunity to spend time productively and have fun while doing so. Here are five more reasons:

1) It’s A Much-Needed Break From Studies

With studies and exams getting more and more competitive, participating in sports or investing time in a hobby such as dance, yoga or art provides a much-needed break and helps manage any exam-related stress your child might be having.

2) A Chance To Learn How To Work In A Team

Regularly taking part in group activities helps children realise the importance of team effort and makes them better at coordination and collaboration with others. It can also help them learn more skills from their peers and overcome personal shortcomings or fears such as talking to people they don’t know.

3) Pick Up Time Management Skills - Something Which Only Comes With Practice

Taking part in extra-curricular activities involves maintaining a fine balance between studying and playing along with prioritising commitments. This helps children effectively plan their day and tasks - a skill which is honed with practice.

4) Development Of Essential Social Skills

Interacting with new people and taking part in activities together has both mental and emotional benefits. It helps children make new friends and boosts their self-confidence too.

5) Explore Something New

Extra-curricular activities don’t have to be limited to the playground. PCs have made learning something new easy and more accessible than ever. You can encourage your child to take up digital art via Canva or learn the basics of code from If these activities are not already offered by your child’s school, you can talk to the authorities to set it up or motivate your children to take up initiative themselves!

As long as your child is feeling challenged and enjoying the activity, your child will never say “Mamma, I’m bored” again :)

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