Five Resolutions Every Student Should Make (Even If It's Not New Year!)


You have access to a PC, a plan in mind and the motivation to make 2018 your best year yet, so what are the resolutions every successful student should make?

1) I will make reading a daily habit

Whether it is nonfiction or fiction, even if you read a chapter every day on your PC or with a physical book - you’re already ahead of your classmates as you’re picking up new things and de-stressing at the same time!

2) I will do one thing at a time

It seems difficult at first, but taking an effort to do one thing at a time helps you to focus and reduce chances of silly mistakes. An hour of uninterrupted writing for your essay will make you a lot more productive than usual.

3) I will backup all my files using cloud storage

Whether you have to use a different PC at school or home, to do a group assignment requiring collaboration or need an additional backup for your files - cloud storage is the way to go. All you have to make sure you have access to the Internet.

4) I will be mindful of what I post on social media

Social media is great fun and almost everyone enjoys being on it. Since, everything you post can be permanent with screenshots, be very careful with what you share. It could affect anyone or even you - professionally or personally.

5) I will not rote learn

'Ratta Maar' is something we all do and end up encouraging our friends and juniors to do so. This year, take a conscious effort to actually understand what you’re learning so you can remember things a lot longer than after the exam.

Rote learning may seem easier and the faster route at first. But think about it - you spend hours trying to remember chapter after chapter, only to forget everything after giving the exam! Instead, with the right tools, time and concentration, you are all set to master the subject for the years to come.

Watch the video below to know more.

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