Five Study Break Ideas You Have To Try


Exam-time can be quite stressful. Loss of appetite, sleep or focus can all affect your performance. A few simple steps can relieve the pressure and ensure that you stress less during exams, including taking timely breaks.

Five Things You Should Do During A Study Break:

1) Phone A Friend

Call up your best friend to have a hearty laugh or discuss sports to give your mind a break. A quick conversation with a loved one can refresh your mind - just make sure to not talk for longer than the time you’ve set yourself! Playing a fun quiz by asking your friend to question you on the subject at hand can also switch things up a bit.

2) Brainercise

Brain training activities improve problem-solving skills, expand your vocabulary and relieve the pressure of studies. Consider solving a crossword, Sudoku or playing Lumosity games for a break that actually makes you smarter, more alert and ready for the next study session.

3) Get Inspired

Before sitting down to study, make a list of people who inspire you or things that fascinate you. You can use their images or quotes to create a motivational mood board for your desk. Writing down your goals and the rewards you may get is also a great addition! Reading or watching TED talks during your break can also help you feel charged up.

4) Get Creative

Let your creativity guide you! Indulge in activities that are not related to your studies like playing the guitar or doodling to rejuvenate your mind and uplift your mood. This ensures you get back to studies with a fresh mind and renewed focus!

5) Update Your Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is a great way to keep yourself driven towards your goals! If you haven’t started your bucket list yet, now is the time to do! Include all the places, food and adventures you want to try in a Word doc with links and pictures for a list like no other. Every time you achieve a milestone in your study plan, reward yourself by adding something on your bucket list.

Don’t forget to make studies your simpler by using the right tech tools to get everything done - from projects to presentations!

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