Five Study Tips Every Student Should Follow


Studying isn't just for a night before an exam or a day before a project is due.

The sooner you begin studying, the more you will understand the subject matter and this will help improve your chances of getting good marks. [1]

A PC can help you to do better in not only your exams but can also help you with research and understanding complicated concepts.

Here are five study tips for getting the most out of studying using a PC:

1. Create a schedule and stick to it

Setting a study schedule will help you to be clear on the number of chapters to cover and time needed for each. Tools like Google Calendar are useful for creating a consistent study routine. Plan regular breaks in your schedule, too.

2. Take notes in class

Taking notes is a way to store subject matter shared in class for a later reference when you are studying for exams or working on a project.  Paper works fine, although Word Processors are worth considering as it will help you to personalise notes with references and links from the internet.

3. Learn to apply taught concepts in real life

 While studying, always bridge the gap between theory and practice. Relating what you've learned in class with everyday things, can help you remember it better. Watching videos, taking up a Makerspace project [2] and playing educational games [3] that demonstrate the concepts can help you grasp them well.

4. Test yourself and learn from your mistakes

 Testing yourself after learning a topic is a better way to retain information than by going over the same thing, repeatedly.[4] Using online tools, you can test yourself on what you've learned. Even if you don't get it right at first, you will learn where you go wrong. That will help you perform better next time.

5. Frequent revision of what you learn

Consistency is key. Keep revising study material and going over online references possibly daily and weekly. Not only will you remember it for the long term, it will also reduce the pressure of studying a day before your exam.

Practicing effective studying promotes learning and retention. It will help you study smart, eventually helping you score well whether it's on your school project or an exam.

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