Five Tech Trends You Will See in 2020

With India increasingly moving towards a knowledge economy, where growth depends on the quality of information, it is becoming more important for us to future-proof our children with necessary skills. The ability to learn and be comfortable with technology is one of the most vital skills a parent should provide their child with.

  1. Voice Technology

Voice technology uses speech recognition to carry out the action that has been commanded, making it easier to get access to information, by saving precious time. 1 In fact, it can be used to enhance classroom learning, by creating a fun game where students can learn new concepts through voice technology. 2

 2.  5G

5G is the next-generation wireless technology that is an upgraded version of 4G. It has multiple benefits like high internet speed, higher bandwidth and lower lagging or buffering. What makes it more special is that it can enable connectivity beyond smartphones, including computers, IoT and smart devices. 3

  3. Data Analytics

This involves the processing of large amounts of raw data to convert it into a workable and useful format. It can be used to make sense of the data, identify issues and make recommendations about how to use the data. 4 For example, teachers can analyse test scores to craft experiences according to a student’s learning ability and preferences. 5

  4. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connecting of devices to the internet and to each other, creating a huge network that collects and shares data. Today, IoT can be seen in every sphere of life including self-driving cars, fitness devices and home appliances, 6 and can be used to make learning material available online, manage grades and take classes online. 7

  5. Cybersecurity

With vital information like banking details having a digital presence, there is a need for cybersecurity to evolve. Today, there are a number of threats like targeted ransomware, phishing and mobile banking attacks, due to increased internet connectivity. With the help of evolving technology like AI, we can combat these problems and can make the internet secure. 8

While learning about upcoming trends is important, it is more important to equip our children with essential PC skills. This 2020, let’s embrace technology together!  

Dell Aarambh
  • Aarambh is a pan-India PC for Education initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology; it is designed to help parents, teachers and children find firm footing in Digital India. This initiative seeks to connect parents, teachers and students and provide them the necessary training so that they can better utilise the PC for learning, both at school and at home.