Five Ways To Study When You Don’t Want To Rote Learn


Rote learning is required for memorising important formulas and complicated names but definitely shouldn’t be your only way of learning. To make the whole studying routine more fun and beneficial for you on a long-term basis, it’s good to mix things up with the help of a PC.

Five Ways To Study When You Don’t Want To Rote Learn:

1. Write Your Own “Textbook”

Write down what you learn using diagrams, mind maps, presentation handouts - basically, in any form study material feels simplified to you. The biggest benefit of thus is that you’ll be completely alert while studying and will have all study material in one place.

2. Try, Learn, Fail & Repeat - Till You Succeed

This is a little time-consuming but worth it. Whether it is testing out a scientific theory doing a Makerspace project or having a full-fledged conversation with someone in your third language - keep attempting till you ace it.

3. Give Dialogic Learning A Go

Dialogic learning places an emphasis on dialogue and discussion to improve contextual understanding of a topic. To do so, gather a group of your classmates to find answers together and test each other on important theories and concepts.

4. Make Quizzes For Yourself From The Information You’ve Just Learnt

Practicing past papers is a tried and tested method for scoring well. You can take it further by creating question papers on Quizlet and marking them by yourself to see what you’re good at for a much-needed confidence boost for the exam.

5. Flashcards To The Rescue

A couple of days before the big day, create your flashcards on Cram and go over them EVERYDAY to make sure your study material is at your fingertips. By going through your notes every day, your chances of remembering everything are higher than just one or two revisions before exams.

To really make the most of each of these study methods, incorporate research into your timetable. On a PC, access to research is not only faster but it is also an efficient way to save what you’ve read and add it to your notes, a win-win situation for your revision!


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