Five Ways To Supercharge Your Students’ Critical Thinking Skills


Critical thinking is a lot more than just a passing fad. It is a *critical* (pun intended) skill that every student of today needs to be ready for the future.

Simply put, it is the ability to form an opinion by analysing information from both sides and to oppose it if need be. Your students will be able to understand the logic and reasoning behind a concept taught in class, helping them remember it better for exams - reducing the need to rote learn!

Here are five ways you can supercharge your students’ critical thinking skills:

1) Question Of The Day

At the end of your lesson, ask your class a question that gets them really puzzled - such as “What if the world was flat?”. An activity like this will get your students to read up and understand the “Why” of a theory.

2) “Why”

Change up the normal routine in the class by letting your students figure out the reasoning behind a theory. For example, ask them “Why leaves are green” and see what they come up with! This activity will also make your class more engaged and lively.

3) Debating Is Good

Get students to take sides to debate a topic they’re really passionate about such as mandatory uniforms to warm up. You can give more intense topics when you feel your students are ready. Encourage researching on the PC so everyone can make well-informed arguments.

4) Connect The Dots

Use a tech tool such as Mindmeister to connect different theories with each other. It’s these connections that will help your students remember them better for exams. After all, at the end of the day the marks matter.

5) Is This True Or False?

Make the most of Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to ask your students True or False for questions that are really difficult to answer. A great reference to start with is this quiz by Buzzfeed.

The connection of using a PC and improved understanding of subject matter is something much talked about in teaching circles. This is because a PC helps your students become independent learners and in turn fall in love with learning.

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