Five YouTube Channels Every Teacher Should Bookmark


Every teacher wants a classroom full of engaged students. But, sometimes they just tend to daydream or drift away with their thoughts.

So, how do you get your students to give their 100% attention to you?

An interactive video at class!


You can play one right at the start, the middle, at the last five minutes or for the entire class as per your lesson plan - helping your students absorb information better. As for resources, nothing comes close to YouTube with its dedicated learning channels for all ages and subjects. Here are five you’ve to have to bookmark on your PC’s browser for an engaged class, every time:

1) SciShow


With the objective of getting students curious about science, this channel covers everything from the human brain to origami-inspired inventions with short, animated videos with each video not being longer than five minutes![1]


2) Grammarly

Grammarly has an entire playlist dedicated to simplifying important writing guidelines, commonly confused words and grammar - ideal to show students a week before exams to recap the essential basics.[2]

3) Crash Course

Right from English Literature to Computer Science, the videos of Crash Course serve as apt homework references when students are new to a topic or need a refresher when a topic is a little old and complicated to understand.[3]

4) National Geographic

A lot more than just Geography, National Geographic’s collection of short films will help your students put real-world context to the theory taught by you in class. [4] With a set schedule, you can make it a regular part of your lessons.

Mon & Tues - Nature & Environment
Wed - Exploration
Thur - Science
Fri - Fun Facts
Sat - Adventure & Survival
Sun - History & Culture

5) World Economic Forum

With each video being less than five minutes, they’re useful for students to brush up on the latest news, global trends and predictions of the future - great for group assignments, civics lessons and classroom debates.[5]

Next step - homework. A PC helps teachers every step of the way, including homework - especially if you’re looking for out of the box ideas.

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