Four Things You Should Do To Improve Your Teaching Skills



Technology sees an ever-growing popularity in the world around us – it’s only fitting for it to find a place in our classrooms too. The vast expanse of knowledge and resources available make it one of the greatest tools that can help you in the classroom.

Here are four things you should do to improve your teaching skills:

1) First things First - Get Feedback

Feedback from your fellow teachers and students is invaluable for your professional growth. You can either ask after class or send a Question Pro survey with detailed questions to see where you stand. Use the insights to build on your strengths and identify areas that need improvement.

2) Make Reading a Habit

It gets difficult to juggle lesson planning, teaching multiple classes in a row and marking papers but even if you take out 15 minutes in a day to read relevant research and articles on Google Scholar you’re all set! Every article you read has potential to inspire you to experiment more in the classroom. Additionally, apart from increasing your knowledge even further, reading facilitates stress reduction and even improves writing and analytical skills.

3) Have a Conversation with Friends Who’re Not Teachers

Talk to friends who don’t teach for a completely different perspective on your teaching methods. People who don’t teach might just surprise you with their answers as they may notice things that you haven’t! This also serves as a welcome break from work conversations and allows your mind to truly unwind.

4) Don’t Stop Learning

Teachers should be teaching, but also keep learning. Whether it’s taking up an online course or enrolling in a weekend diploma, learning will help you be ahead of your competition and stay up to date with your area of expertise. Let your curiosity lead you!

If you are a first-time teacher wanting to start the right way, using a PC can take your teaching skills from good to great! Whether it’s planning lessons or assigning homework students actually enjoy, we’ve rounded up a few essentials to get you started.

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