How can we best advance children’s rights in the digital age?

Children nowadays are exposed to the digital world more than ever before with new modes of technology taking up most of their time. Sitting for hours in front of the laptop and accessing the internet has become an essential part of a child’s life. As much as the internet helps children learn, adapt and discover new knowledge, it is also a cause of harm seeing how 1 in 3 users on the internet is a child.


  • Monitor their internet usage: You cannot pull away your children from the digital world but monitoring their usage and the sites they visit can protect them from harm. It is also advisable to put parental locks on certain websites and limit their screen time beyond educational usage.


  • Educate them: Educating your children about the opportunities on the internet and giving them a little bit of trust is going to go a long way in helping them understand the complexities of the world wide web. Educate them on how they can use the internet instead of being vague.


  • Help them organise: The internet has a sea of knowledge that can be conquered with a little organisation. Turn the digital hour into quality time by helping your kids organise their materials and allowing them to explore a few harmless aspects on their own.


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