How can you make your online classes effective through videos?

The new generation stays glued to their phones and consumes videos at a rapid pace. Considering the impact videos have on everyday life, it is natural that this platform is extended into the educational system as well. Below are the ways in which including videos in the classroom can help your students grasp their study materials in an effective way.


  1. Videos create a more engaging sensory experience than using books alone. Children relate better to a sensory experience as videos relax the brain while providing knowledge using simpler language and bright images.


  1. They can be watched from anywhere, on any device making them a great resource for students. Videos are also more convenient than having to carry bulky books.


  1. Videos increase knowledge retention. Videos are easier to remember because the information is presented in a concise manner. Videos can easily focus on key points and elaborate on the same for better understanding.


  1. Videos can be played and paused allowing them to be flexible. Using print materials alone, it can be cumbersome for students to dog-ear every page they deem important. With videos as an additional resource, all they have to do is remember a time-stamp.


Including videos in the curriculum helps students learn information without being overloaded or losing their focus. Tune in to our webinars for more information relating to online classes - []

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