How has online learning redefined the role of a teacher?

In the new normal, the role of teachers has extended far beyond the classroom. While students are still in their homes, teachers are facing new challenges in creating an ideal classroom environment. Teachers have developed new ways to keep their students interested in the lessons by creating engaging, and interactive learning experiences for students through visuals, animated videos, and game-based quizzes. Here are some other ways that teachers have redefined the boundaries of the classroom: 


Transition to e-learning and personalization:

Through e-learning, teachers have helped students transition to e-learning by using technology as an enabler. Personalized learning has been introduced to meet the needs of individual students. The children can continue learning at their own pace and grasp the materials coherently. 


Teachers as content creators:

Teachers are putting in efforts to become content creators instead of relying on available content. By devising new engaging, interactive content for students, they have contributed to students developing holistically. 


Queries and pressure:

Under the new circumstances, teachers have developed expertise in handling parental queries and the pressures of online learning. Teachers have become students themselves, exposing themselves to new methods of teaching. 


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