How PC Enabled Learning Helps Children For The Future


Technology is pivotal to a child's success in the future. PC enabled education in the early stages of a child's development sets a strong foundation for future growth. [1] Beyond the syllabus, it helps them learn peripheral skills that will always hold them in good stead.

1. Helps children to learn on their own

Whether doing research, collating information or working on projects, PC enabled learning helps children take control of their learning. Taking the initiative to learn on your own is essential for not only doing well in school but in the workplace as well, as it fosters a “can do' attitude in children.

2. Get used to using PCs

No matter what profession your child selects, computer literacy and the ability to adapt to change will be required. Children who use computers to study from a young age at both school and home are fundamentally practising for their future workplace. The old saying "practice makes perfect" rings true here as both confidence in using PCs and technical know-how is built.

3. Sharpens critical thinking skills

PC enabled learning utilises various techniques and activities that improve learning efficiency and help students develop critical thinking skills. For example, digital led peer review activities help students develop alternate perspectives. Online discussion forums, on the other hand, hone their analytical skills and enable them to put forth their point of view. Additionally, digital storytelling in classrooms allows them to engage with course content more holistically, teaching them to analyse reflect and evaluate what they are learning.

4. Successfully collaborate

While teamwork has always been integral to the classroom, collaboration is easier and faster with PC enabled learning because of immediate access to resources and tools. For example, students can refer to each other's work using a Wikispaces Classroom, research and collate information together on a drive and even bring their ideas and to life in Makerspace. These activities teach them how to work together in harmony, a skill that will be extremely useful as they grow older.

PC enabled learning opens up a world of opportunities for children and prepares them for a future that is heavily technologically reliant.

So how are you preparing your child to succeed in this hyper-connected world of tomorrow?


Dell Aarambh
  • Aarambh is a pan-India PC for Education initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology; it is designed to help parents, teachers and children find firm footing in Digital India. This initiative seeks to connect parents, teachers and students and provide them the necessary training so that they can better utilise the PC for learning, both at school and at home.