How Social Media Can Be A Learning Tool

Over the course of social media development during the past two decades, a negative image for these applications has been cultivated in people’s minds. Everyone was made aware of the bad impacts of excessive use of social media. But, what remained undisclosed were the factors that show how these platforms are really beneficial for kids and teenagers. Therefore, it is necessary that we highlight these aspects of social media that can be beneficial for everyone, especially young kids.

As a learning tool: There are several social media platforms like Reddit, Quora and Wikipedia that can be used as a learning tool and are open platforms. A community of people interested in particular fields create channels where they ask and answer questions. These people are from all over the globe, which means a wide range of perspectives. This will not only provide your kid with the answers to their queries but also lets them analyze views of people globally.

Facebook groups for class: This is one of the best features of all social media platforms. You can share study material, views and solutions for problems in your facebook class group. This is not only efficient but also a great way to store all the learning materials in one place. You can organize healthy debates on these groups or a quiz to test everything you learned throughout the lesson.

Pinterest to pin educational resources: Pinterest allows its users to pin the resources they find interesting including educational resources for their assignments easily. You can also classify them according to subjects. This way your kid will not only stay organized but also have access to all the data that they spent hours searching.

This is how social media can be a great learning platform for young kids.

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