How To Bring Out The Scientist In Your Child

There are two kinds of students - the ones who jump with joy when it’s science class and the ones who are not so fond of the subject. A PC helps to awaken your child's inner curiosity, not just for Science but for other subjects, too. The instant access to information and interactive element of a PC helps to bring out the scientist in your child.

1. Embark On A Space Adventure With Nasa Kids Club

Think Space exploration and NASA is one of the first things that comes to one’s mind. The NASA Kid’s Club gives all things Space a new spin with games that are interactive and educational, fascinating picture galleries, information on ongoing projects and trivia.[1] The language used is simple to understand and most imagery is cartoonified, making sure children don’t get bored and continue exploring.

2. Make It A Game With Cell Craft

Sometimes, it’s difficult to thoroughly understand a concept taught in class. By playing games which specialise in scientific concepts, it’s easier for your child to dig deeper. One such game being Cell Craft, a state of the art and interactive game that brings cell functions to life.[2] The player takes on the role of a cell to defeat the virus before it defeats the cell aka you! It’s this fun role-play that makes children want to keep playing and in turn dig deep into the world of cells.

3. Explore Science Experiments Virtually With Science Kids

Watching and conducting experiments is an important part of learning science. With the help of Science Kids, it’s possible to watch experiments live on a PC, even when the resources are not available.[3] All a child has to do is search for the topic, watch the video as many times it’s needed to understand and read up further to connect the newly learnt concept to real-life - helping your child remember it longer for exam time.

When it comes to channelling a child’s inner scientist, it helps to be hands-on and Makerspace projects do just that. A PC gives instant access to a large number of ideas for varied interests and all ages, ensuring your child stays on top of the scientific world.


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