How to celebrate International Women’s Day with your children

The world celebrates International Women’s Day every year on 8th March. On such a historic day, children need to learn about the sacrifices women make and the power they hold in society. 

Here is how you can plan a great and educational International Women’s Day with your child.

Plan a movie night

Many films feature strong female characters who can inspire children. Depending on your child’s age, watch a movie that celebrates the strength of women with them.

Read biographies online

Today, you can find biographies of strong women online, which is ideal for International Women’s Day. You and your child can discover the lives of outstanding women, from designers to artists to scientists, who have achieved incredible things in life.

Cook a meal together

You and your child can cook some easy and interesting dishes together. Let them look up recipes on YouTube and take over the menu for dinner. It will teach them that cooking is a general life skill and is not a gender-oriented job.

Play a competitive game

You should play fun and competitive games together. Most kids enjoy playing games and, as adults, we often don’t have the time to play with them. You can find a bunch of fun games to play online. 

Help them design a virtual greeting card

Push your children to make greeting cards online and send them out to teachers and family members on International Women’s Day. They can use online tools like Canva to make the process easy and super creative.

With these fun ways, you can teach your children about International Women's Day and have a great time as well.

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