How To Get 10/10 On Your Projects!

Do you always wonder how you can score better marks on your school projects? Do you want your project to stand out? If yes, then there's a secret formula that we'd like to share with you - the computer!

Using the computer in schools has evolved from just a "computer class" to being used for just about every subject. Today, it is a versatile learning tool that could change how you demonstrate concepts and execute projects. And the best part is that it will help your project stand out from the rest.    

What are the ways to score better grades for projects?

1. Better Simulations and models


While a tuning fork is a perfectly acceptable way to demonstrate how vibrations make sound, it's harder to show what evolution is, how molecules behave in different situations, or exactly why mixing two particular chemicals is dangerous. This can be done using various simulations and models available online. Check out this article[1] for better simulations and models on the most complex scientific concepts. Use them with ease to demonstrate your understanding of a subject and showcase your project with flair

2. Storytelling and Multimedia

There's no better way to explain something than forming a story around it. Storytelling, backed with Audio-visual tools are a great way for your project to stand out! You might also learn something not even mentioned in the textbook, all because of this approach, and have great fun in the process.

"Your project gets 10/10 because of the storytelling route you take to convey all the information you gathered", says Monica Sewaney, Principal and a senior faculty member of Khemani School, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra.

3. Make Memorable Presentations

You should know that teachers are testing you on your presentations skills. 

Azna Naeem, the winner of PC Storytellers in Education, says, " Soft-skills are as important as any other skill and using MS PowerPoint assignments, students can hone their presentation skills beautifully. All they'd need is a PC and a good internet connection, and a memorable presentation is on its way!"

As a student, you can learn the art of storytelling and at the same time talk relevantly with the help of technology.

You can put together a great presentation with images and text to share what you have learnt with your teacher and classmates!

From simple paper and pen projects, today computers help you showcase what you have learned in better and more interesting ways. Instead of simply displaying information, PCs allow you to apply your learning in different ways so that you don't just get better marks on your projects but actually learn more effectively and have fun doing it!

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