How To Make The Most Of Your Holidays


Holidays scream fun and freedom - but you don’t have to be restricted to the playground or the PlayStation! Stay productive by making the most of resources available on your PC that will help you stay ahead of the game while having a lot of fun!

1. Unleash The Power Of YouTube


Take the opportunity to show your talent to the world by setting up a channel and follow other YouTubers to pick up new skills. You can also conduct small (and safe!) scientific experiments at home with the help of channels such as SciShow. They have fun videos showing how to make ice-cream at home or even some fluffy slime to play with!

2. Learn A New Skill


Explore softwares on your PC such as Adobe Photoshop, Powerpoint, Excel or learn how to code on websites like Codeacademy which has some beginner-friendly courses on Java, Web Development and more. These skills are not only fun to learn but are also valuable later on in your career.

3. Read And Research


Need to gain more knowledge on subjects that interest you? Explore platforms such as Wikipedia, Quora, National Geographic Kids and How Stuff Works to make the most of your summer vacation. These websites have a vast pool of information on subjects like science, history, arts, culture and so much more.

4. Work On Your “Language”


Expanding your vocabulary via or learning a new language has long-term benefits for you. Studies suggest that learning a new language leads to better cognitive skills, improves overall academic performance and sharpens the mind. Check out to learn in an interactive format.

5. Try E-learning


Your first thought must be that the summer vacation is for taking a break! But spending an hour a day doing an e-learning course on your PC will put you ahead of the rest of your class. Familiarising yourself with the basics will help you grasp complex concepts in class easily - try it to see the difference.

Vacations are great to practice new skills at your own pace and prepare yourself for the beginning of the new academic year. Once school reopens, you can continue building on your skills by joining fun after-school-clubs.


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