I Feel Parents Should Be Aware Of Tech To Help Children


Ekta Shah is a mom of two, trying to bring change through words via Life of a Mother.

1) PC for Education - how can Indian students benefit?

PC for education has become a lifeline. I have seen drastic changes in recent years and how technology is imparting knowledge. Even in rural areas where the dearth of teachers can impact education, online teaching has come up to a new level. Learning concepts through the audio-visual way will always have better recall value and clear understanding.

2) Do you consider yourself a digital parenting pro?

Yes, I am, you just can't escape:) I feel parents should be aware of technologies to help children. No doubt, technology has made our lives easier but there is another side which can’t be ignored completely. I can warn my children only if I know the facts. Internet is not safe until you know how to use it wisely. A parent must guide their kids before they handover internet access.

3) What are you doing to make learning fun for your little ones?

Honestly, they know more than me sometimes but I make sure I don't answer them in limited lines. Mostly, I add my experience as a story to make it more interesting. One more important thing is that I avoid them to use a smaller screen for learning or anything they want to watch. I use either desktop or laptop with a proper distance and a right posture to watch.

4) Your blog "Life of a Mother" touches on a variety of topics - what is something that every parent should keep in mind?

The word Perfect is too dangerous and can create unwanted stress on life. Every child is different with their own capacity, a blend of perfection and imperfections. Let's not compare them. Acceptance is the key, don't try to mould them as per your own expectations! Children should be comfortable in sharing everything with their parents without any fear. They should know that making mistakes is part of life and one should keep moving on a positive note.

Dell Aarambh
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