Learn how you can help your child adapt to the hybrid model of education as normalcy returns

Over the past two years, everything has transitioned to a digital medium to help people continue their life when the world was in lockdown. As a result, online classes have become the new normal. Now that the schools are opening as a result of the decline in cases many of the children are finding it hard to return back to school. Transitioning quickly can be a little difficult. Given below are a few tips to help make their transition smooth:


  1. New routine: A lot of things will change in your child’s daily life when they start going back to school. Therefore, providing them with information about their typical school day will help them get accustomed to the change.
  2. Sleep schedule: Studying online has also resulted in a messed up sleep schedule. You can help them form a bedtime routine by waking them up at their usual school time and making them go to bed early, so they get eight hours of sleep.
  3. Communication is key: It can be a little difficult for your child to adjust to such big changes easily. Ensure that you communicate well with them and make them feel heard. Reach out to their school or a trusted teacher, if the problem persists.
  4. Help them adapt: Every child takes a different amount of time to adapt to the changes. Try to understand your child's pace. If they are facing trouble, then make sure they feel comfortable enough to ask for your guidance and support.


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