My Daughter Uses The PC To Learn The Alphabet


Sneha Jain is a multitasking mom blogger on She has been a Microbiologist for 12 years and has done research, too. She is a dedicated tech lover and has been using a PC for 18 years.

1) What's your take on using a PC for education?

I would say the PC is an amazing and interactive way to learn new things. They help us develop faster and learn more things at a young age. It's always recommended to use the PC for limited hours under a parent supervision.

2) As a parent, what does the future of education look like to you?

There are always two sides of a coin. I see that the way a kid learns will be different and interactive and virtual learning will increase eventually but today’s generation is so fast that they want to learn everything quickly and that can only be done using the PC and internet.

3) How do you use a PC for your little one's education?


I feel Education has become easier compared to before era of PCs. I teach her using live videos to teach her craft and life principles and laws using videos and animations. I know she gets addicted at a point of time but I have set a limit for it so I make sure it's used efficiently and not excessively. Basically, the PC is must at home as I teach my angel use of paint and dictionary with which she draws on paint and learns to write on Word. Not only this the PC helps me to make worksheets for her and download the study material which comes as homework. The PC helps me to get a variety of empty sketches to give her for colouring. She learns how to draw, craft and design things. Not only this I also play a lot of educational CDs in my PC so that she understands the concepts with actual visualisation.

Dell Aarambh
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