Online Learning tips to prepare for a successful term ahead

As the world continues to grapple with online learning, students are struggling to strike a balance between their leisure time and studying. An overlap between the classroom and home environment has been challenging for students as procrastination doesn’t take long to set in when the home is turned into a classroom. Here are some strategies you can employ to ensure you are performing your best in the class. 


Reduce distractions:

While creating a good learning environment, make sure to reduce distractions and keep your games away. Pay attention to the teacher and keep your video on. Encouraging classmates to do the same thing can help you interact with each other in a comfortable learning environment.  


Write down queries:

Write down queries and emails to the teacher after the class to clear any doubts. Making notes while listening to the class will help you pay attention throughout the lecture. 



Do not be shy to chime in with your inputs in the class. Engaging and interactive sessions will keep you interested and make the class more fun and fruitful. Ditch the bed as the brain tend to associate that with relaxation. Sitting in an upright position at a study table away during online classes from the bed makes sure you remain productive and proactive throughout the lecture. 


Ditch the mobile phone:

Mobile phones are used as devices of leisure and it is pretty easy to give in to procrastination if you are on your phone during online classes. Attend classes on the PC or a laptop so you can continue to make notes on the same without having to search for a pen and paper. Enjoy the flexibility of learning from home with Dell. 


Implement these techniques for an effective classroom environment. A clear separation between the home and the classroom can also help you unwind effectively. Join our webinar to learn more:

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