PC for Education: Teach Math Better With Technology

Mathematics is often considered a tricky subject to teach. This is because, to teach mathematics effectively, teachers must provide many opportunities for concept building as well as problem solving, all while keeping children actively engaged.

Often, children in school get a little intimidated by the subject due to its technical nature, especially in the later years. Incorporating technology in the classroom when teaching mathematics can reduce the monotony, making maths that much more interesting and interactive for teachers as well as students.

So what are the tools and websites that can be used to teach math better?

1. Mathpickle.com

MathPickle.com is a practical resource for teachers. Its visually compelling puzzles and games engage students in tough problem solving. Organized by grade and subject – each puzzle is designed to last 45-60 minutes.



For example, students do not usually like revising their multiplication tables. You can encourage your students to keep revising their multiplication tables with an interactive and fun game called Round Tower by Mathpickle.

2. PatrickJMT


Patrick JMT's Free Math Videos is one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube, boasting over 150,000 subscribers. The host, Patrick JMT, is a community college mathematics professor who wishes to share his knowledge so that viewers can improve their grades in school. Patrick JMT's free math channel features numerous playlists that focus on a wide range of topics, from basic fractions to advanced logarithms. Teachers can use these videos to tackle complex topics in simple and approachable ways.

3. Math-salamanders.com

Kindergarten and Primary school math teachers, Math Salamanders is here to your rescue!

Setting exams and tests for kids can be a mundane task, and Math Salamanders simplifies it with questions and problems on just about every math topic, right from Kindergarten to Grade 5. It also provides tests on mental mathematics, so that the kids can learn and practise more than what the curriculum asks of them. They have different levels of difficulty which makes them a good option for teachers to consider while designing class tests.  

Take a look at a mental math sheet from Math Salamanders.

4. Desmos

Desmos is an incredibly fast online calculator that can graph any imaginable function. It also allows users to add sliders, do regressions and plot whole data tables among other things. It may be difficult to engage students in your class while teaching them heavy concepts like co-ordinate geometry and linear equations, which is where Desmos will help you. This tool helps you move beyond textbooks and provide the latest information to your students while keeping them engaged in the classroom.



Use these simple tools to make maths not just interesting but interactive and engaging for your students. Challenge them and put their skills to the test while allowing them to have a blast in the classroom. Learning mathematics has never been more fun.

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Dell Aarambh
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