PC For Education: Teach Biology Better with Technology


Biology is an essential part of the science curriculum and includes a vast array of topics such as genetics, ecology and health. The subject has immense potential to interest almost any student and forms a foundation for many careers in the fields of medicine, scientific research, nutrition and fitness. For a subject with so much to offer, students often lose interest because of dry content and lecture style teaching methods.

As a teacher, there is a lot you can do to keep students interested in your class.[1] Incorporating tools and digital resources like these when teaching can go a long way to capture students' attention in the classroom and keep them engaged. [2]

1. Interactive Biology

Interactive Biology is unlike other teaching resources. Engaging videos on the website give students a chance to actually visualise what is taught in class. Each video is concise with links to relevant reading material and the best part - each video is a real lesson taught by Leslie Samuel, a published researcher in the field of Biology.

2. Serendip Studio

Games are excellent to test knowledge while having fun. The competitive element they bring to the classroom helps create enthusiasm. Each topic covered in Serendip Studio is accompanied with a game where students can test what they have learnt without feeling like they are giving a traditional exam. Moreover, the website includes instructional suggestions, preparatory and follow-up activities for teaching effectively.

3. Biology Corner

Whether it is a short group activity in class, a test to apply a complicated concept or a homework activity, a teacher needs a steady supply of worksheets to keep students glued to Biology. Biology Corner is one such resource with worksheets on a variety of topics ranging from anatomy to ecology. The website also has a "handy science methods" section which has step by step experiment guidelines along with lesson plans.

Tools such as these enable teachers to liven up the classroom. When the right balance of stimulation and information is achieved, students will feel like they are active participants in the learning process instead of just consumers of information.

Biology may even become your student's favourite subject!

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