PC For Education: Teach Chemistry Better With Technology

"He who knows what best to omit is the best teacher." - Otto Neurath

Every Chemistry teacher has a style of teaching that is unique. Some relate theory to real life, some encourage group activities, and some rely purely on theory - either way, technology can bring out the best in every teacher. The following resources are a good place to start teaching Chemistry better with the help of a PC:

1. Chem Collective

Chemistry Labs are not always available but a PC is. Chem Collective's virtual lab resembles a real lab. With hundreds of simulations, students can experiment as many times as they like with chemicals which are not available in school. Moreover, teachers can download the experiments for offline use, saving valuable teaching time.

2. Science Buddies

A one-stop resource for lesson plans, each resource ranging from worksheets to project ideas is printable on Science Buddies. The Scientific Method section is particularly useful for students to place theories in a real-life setting with its diagrams and interactive step by step guide.

3. Royal Society of Chemistry

Every student is inherently competitive. Channel that with the Gridlocks series of games which unlocks levels only when the correct answer is entered. Ranging from sub-atomic particles to symbols, every game develops problem-solving skills and theoretical knowledge.

4. Fuse School Videos

Videos are excellent to summarise topics at the end of class. Students remember theories better, ask questions and don't feel as bored as they usually would. Fuse School's videos are animated in an engaging manner with to the point information and most importantly are concise - each video being two to five minutes long.

5. Hardest Periodic Table Quiz Ever

Created by Buzzfeed, this quiz can either be done in class together using a projector or as a competition between students. Each question is related to the Periodic table and covers every kind of question, right from symbols to atomic numbers of elements.

Whether you refer to lesson plans or initiate a game every class, PCs will help your students enjoy Chemistry and understand theories better in the class itself. If you want more subject-specific PC resources, our Teacher's Forum is here to help.



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