PC For Education: Teach Geography Better With Technology


In today's day and age, it is extremely essential to teach geography effectively, especially since there is a greater focus on globalization and the world economy. Today's children are tomorrow's leaders, and it's important for them to be able to analyse world events and make sound decisions.

Unfortunately, most children find learning geography to be dry & tedious. To make them take interest in the subject, geography teachers need to use out-of-the-box tools and methods.

1. Free Rice - For world capitals, flags of the world

Learning world capitals can be as dull as learning multiplication tables. Free rice is a non-profit website that is owned by the United Nations World Food Programme. This website offers interactive games that help students remember world capitals and flags. For each correct answer, Free Rice donates 1 grain of rice towards ending world hunger. You can tell your students about this noble cause, encourage them to participate and polish their geography. A win-win!

2. Tourism presentations

When teaching Geography, you will be teaching your students about countries, states, cities, and provinces. To teach your students about them in a more effective way, you can ask them to make tourism presentations. In this activity, students are assigned an area of the world (country, continent, city etc.) to research. They can then create a presentation, poster, or brochure about their assigned area, designed to showcase what they have learned.

3.Virtual field trips using Google Maps

This one is the real game changer for teachers. There is literally so much that can be done using Google Maps, yet very few teachers make use of the fantastic possibilities available. You can build tours, you can measure distances, and you can look at directions and compare different kinds of maps—all on one single platform.

4. Google Earth

Google Earth is by far the best tool to explore continents, countries, cities, and oceans. One way to use Google Earth is to zoom into a location in the world.  Zoom in really close.  Then have students answer yes or no questions.  For every question that gets a yes, you zoom out just a little bit to reveal it.

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