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You'll see that "physics questions" is one of the most searched queries, showing that there is the demand to understand concepts and dig deeper into them. So, as a teacher what can you do teach Physics better using a PC?

1. The Physics Classroom

Essentially a toolkit with lesson plans, simulations, activity ideas, further reading, worksheets and quizzes, the Physics Classroom is everything a Physics teacher needs in one place. Having a definitive plan for each lesson with resources ready to access saves you time and keeps students engaged in class. All you need is your PC to get going.

2. PHET Simulations

Simulations are great to present in class as students can see theories come to life and relate them to everyday things. PHET has simulations in a variety of topics and learning levels to cater to all ages. Moreover, the online simulations are available to download for use in the classroom saving loading time during the lesson and repeated use to teach.

3. Physics Central

Stories are one the most enjoyable ways to learn something new and see complex theories come to life. They are even better when they are superhero comics. Physics Central's Quest series is a favourite amongst teachers as it explains theoretical knowledge in an entertaining manner, helping students to remember theories in the long term.

4. Nasa Space Place

Ask students what they want to be when you grow up. Chances are Astronaut will be one of the most common answers. Understandably there is a fascination for all things space and with our recent ISRO accomplishments, it is even more talked about. NASA's Space Place has videos and experiments with the most basic components to simplify otherwise difficult to understand theories.

Physics as a subject is vast with scope for a lot of interested students and even more questions. As a teacher, you can make full use of all that a PC has to offer right from lesson plan research to actually teaching a theory in class.[1] Let's Aarambh a new wave of interest in Physics in schools, courtesy of a PC!




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