Santa Tracker - Google's Christmas Surprise For You!


Google does a lot of things. It helps you research for assignments, dig deeper into the concepts your teachers talk about in school and find new games to play when you are bored with the one you are playing right now.

Enter Santa Tracker, an interactive website dedicated to all things Christmas that neatly wraps up games, videos and lots of learning - something your parents will not mind you spending time on during the long Winter vacation!


1) First things first - The Games


Wrap Battle is just one of the many games on the website that are perfect to play while taking a break from studying or doing holiday homework. Think of it as a stress buster than channels the festive spirit.


2) You can learn from the most unexpected places



Want to push your limits this winter vacation? Learn to code with help from Code Lab. It may seem a little scary at first but once you begin getting the hang of it - you may even consider it as a profession.

3) Explore the world from the comfort of your PC



Figure out the workings of how an airport functions, especially during busy times such as the international holiday season with this interactive section - you will literally feel like you are in the airport about to take a flight to the North Pole.


4) Time to put your headphones on



Understand the logistics of gift-giving in an animated manner along with Santa's humorous and informative insights by watching the series of videos that take the popular myths and exaggeration out of Christmas and showcase what really happens behind the scenes.

The holidays are all about making the most of your time. After all, with a PC at home, you can do so much with just a click of a button - all you have to do is figure out what is going to help you out for school. Once, you have that sorted you are on your way to a productive 2018!

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