STEAM Education: Everything A Teacher Needs To Know

The future of the world is your classroom. And the future is a lot more high-tech than it is today. As an educator, it is difficult to ignore that being “job-ready” starts young for your students. That’s where STEAM Education comes into the picture.

What Is STEAM Education?

STEAM Education includes the following:

1) Science

2) Technology

3) Engineering

4) Art

5) Mathematics

These subjects make up the core foundation for a lot of careers out there along with for the ones that don’t even exist, yet!

The whole idea is to improve a student’s understanding of the major concepts within each subject and figure out the connections between each. It helps to use a PC for research and practical, project-based assignments as much-needed critical thinking skills get sharpened.

Why Is STEAM Education Important?

A student should be able to think on their feet when faced with a problem. STEAM subjects give students the chance to develop an “explorer” mindset and grasp the importance of critical thinking.

What Is The Future Of STEAM Education?

These subjects or at least the basic concepts part of the subject are taught from an early age across all boards in our country. But it is the intensity that needs to be worked upon. Whether it is more extra-curricular activities or homework that challenges the mind a lot more or frequent field trips around the theme of STEAM - small steps will go a long way for your students.

Here are five things you can do to make STEAM Education part of your class on a regular basis:

1) Set up a Makerspace in school to create a space for your students to just explore whatever interests them

2) Assign homework that is more out of the box or Makerspace projects which do not require fancy material

3) Ensure your students have access to a PC at school and encourage parents to invest in one for their child for their long-term benefit

4) Make classes conversational, with activities that get them talking and curious about STEAM subjects

5) Give group work a fair amount of attention as it’s the little discussions and debates that increase a child’s curiosity for a subject

Happy Teaching!

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