Teachers - 5 Tips For Teaching Pre-School Online

Teaching pre-school is extremely challenging. As pre-schools have transitioned to remote learning it is important for teachers to continue the efficiency and discipline in their classrooms to make their learnings impactful

Most pre-school teachers concerns are compounded by the complexities of teaching 3 and 4 year olds online. It is therefore essential that the core principles remain. 

Hosting a virtual Meet the Teacher

Starting the year with a Meet the Teacher event is an opportunity to build the foundation for a strong classroom community. Introduce yourself to the parents and students. Make them feel comfortable 

Video conferencing platforms are about to be your best friend

It important for your students to see you, hear your voice, and bond with you and their classmates. Don’t let it intimidate you. Teach and care for your students the same way you would in the classroom, just through video. 

Give yourself grace!

Teaching preschool virtually is very difficult. Remember to have patience, be positive, and keep them engaged. You don’t have to be perfect. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, give yourself breaks and get just get a little time alone.

Keep Your Lessons Focused and Your Activities Meaningful

Use visual tools like posters, anchor charts, whiteboards, video tutorials, or examples of work. Include follow-up activity that truly helps students apply what they learned. Try breaking up your lesson into small chunks with lots of movement embedded 

Celebrate Your Students

When young children are appreciated and awarded for their achievements they feel motivated and are pushed to perform well over and over again. Sending students a digital rewards or certificates or having one on one calls with students who are unable to focus through online class rooms will help you develop a bond of comfort with them.

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