The importance of empathy and kindness while teaching your kids

Children have been affected the most by the current situation in the world. With everything shut down, children were forced to leave their classrooms, friends and a learning environment. The responsibility of creating a safe space for knowledge was shifted to parents, battling with technology and trying to equip themselves with the tools to create a conducive learning environment.


While parents make their way through unfamiliar territories, it is important to remember to display empathy and kindness. Even trained educators have a hard time teaching their own kids. Here is what you can do to help them be focussed, interested and balanced while learning from a distance:


  1. Consistent Feedback: Keep the feedback loop consistent and gentle amongst yourselves. Parents need to be easier on children. The same is applicable when teachers are interacting with students. An effective feedback loop helps to keep track of progress.
  2. Have some downtime: With the educational space and home colliding with each other, downtime is essential to spend some quality time and unwind. This will help both parents and children destress.
  3. Be Tolerant: Each child learns at a different pace. Be tolerant and patient while dealing with difficult topics and encourage them to ask questions without hesitation.
  4. Provide Motivation: Motivation helps children and parents relate to each other better and promotes self-awareness. It also increases confidence when your child eventually starts socialising again.


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Dell Aarambh
  • Aarambh is a pan-India PC for Education initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology; it is designed to help parents, teachers and children find firm footing in Digital India. This initiative seeks to connect parents, teachers and students and provide them the necessary training so that they can better utilise the PC for learning, both at school and at home.