These Tips Will Make You A PC Safety Pro



Safety first is safety always.

- Charles M. Hayes

Tech is a huge part of our daily life. It’s useful, informative and fun, but can also be risky, no matter how safe you feel while browsing. By getting into the habit of using good PC safety practices, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

  Password Perfect


We’ve all read scary articles and seen exaggerated videos of hackers and what not. Of course, some of it is too over the top but it’s always better to safe rather than sorry. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use long passwords - 8 characters or more is recommended.
  • Use a strong mix of characters, and never use the same password for multiple sites.
  • Don't share your passwords and don't write them down (especially not on a post-it note attached to your monitor).
  • Update your passwords periodically, at least once every 6 months (90 days is better).


  If it looks suspicious, don’t open it


Emails that appear to be from a recognizable online service asking you to log into a site to confirm some personal details are always fake.

These emails are usually caught by your email application’s spam filter, but if one does slip through and you click its link, your web browser should detect and block the site it takes you to as long as you have the correct software.


  Back it up


Scheduling routine backups can protect you from the unexpected. If you are not backing up your data, there is a chance you could lose an entire lifetime of data.

The physical security of your devices is just as important as their technical security. 

  • If you need to leave your PC for any length of time - lock it up so no one else can use it. 
  • If you keep sensitive information on a flash drive or external hard drive, make sure to keep these locked as well. 
  • For desktop computers, shut-down the system when not in use - or lock your screen.


Now that you have become a PC safety pro to keep your children safe on the internet – happy digital parenting!

Dell Aarambh
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