This Is How You Can Make YouTube Safe For Your Little Ones


Are you one of the thousands of parents who think YouTube is not right for your little ones?

Read on to change that misconception and fully take advantage of all the amazing educational resources available freely on YouTube.

1) Make The Most Of Available Safety Settings

The video streaming giant’s default is for grown ups. So, to make it appropriate for your little ones follow these simple steps which will take less than a minute to change:

● Disable the “Up Next” feature while watching videos so no surprise video pops up on your child’s screen
● Switch Restricted Mode to “on” to hide videos that may contain inappropriate content that is flagged by users and other sources

2) Fine-Tune Filters

Another great way to make sure your child is viewing only educational content is to optimise filters. This process also saves time by showcasing results that are highly relevant to your search. Here’s how you can do it:

● Search for a very direct term such as “Plant Life Cycle”
● Filter your search as per upload date, type, duration and features
● Sort results as per relevance, video content or user ratings

3) Subscribe Away

A well-kept secret amongst parenting circles, subions are a fail-safe way of making sure the content your child consumes is pre-screened by you and on-topic. Since you would have already gone through the videos of the channel - you will have no tension of your children seeing something they shouldn't. The best part is YouTube is governed by a lot of legislation (both national and international) as well as Google’s (the parent company) strict internal regulation, ensuring no channel can flout its rules.

● YouTube has no limit to the number of channels you subscribe to, so go on and subscribe multiple channels for each subject
● Create a playlist of family-friendly music and entertainment for when your child just wants to take a break

When it comes to digital parenting, every little helps - do make sure to spread the word with your parenting circle so children can use YouTube to its best advantage for school.

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