Three Ideas To Surprise Your Parents (Using a PC!)

Have your parents ever said no to something you want and then surprised you with the very same thing the next day?

Best feeling ever, right!

Now it’s your turn…

Idea #1:

Everyone loves to be appreciated for the efforts and hard work they put in, so why are our parents any different?

Write down what you appreciate about your parents and gift them with a scrapbook of your family’s fondest memories and special moments. PC tools such as Smilebook and Canva will surely put a smile on your parents face. You can digitally and permanently record the sweetest of the sweetest moments such as when your parents brought the PC home for the first time, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and so on.

Idea #2:

This one is a little unusual but a lot of fun!

Go on Bucketlistly and sit together in front of the PC to create a bucket list of all the exciting activities to do as a family. When you are creating the Bucket List, you will have the chance to learn things about your parents’ passions which you probably didn’t even know earlier. It can be anything from going to Rishikesh for a vacation to learning how to code - all in all it’s an amazing chance to get to know your parents’ better and make them feel valued.

Idea #3:

Last but not least is the simple act of doing something unexpected.

Do you always forget to switch off your PC after using it?

Have you ever spilt food or drinks on your PC more than once?

Is your room a mess?

Do you take too long to get ready for school?

The list can go on and on...

Do something small but really out of the blue and your parents will be happier than ever. Nothing beats a small action with a permanent and happy impact.

PS: Need some inspiration to gift your mom? Head straight here:

PSS: Want to give your dad something that’s different? Here’s your starting point:

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