Three Kid YouTubers You Have To Follow


“The joy of YouTube is that you can create content about anything you feel passionate about.”

- Unknown


You love YouTube, don’t you? It’s your go-to place to listen to music, watch some funny prank videos and even study or complete assignments.

The person behind the camera puts all this effort, inspiring millions all with the power of a PC at home. A YouTuber makes their mark with a simple thought which is put to action, here’s some inspiration for you:


1. Learn with Amar

Amar Thogiti from India is amongst the youngest and the most famous YouTubers who gives geography lessons in a fun, relatable manner which makes you feel you’re having a conversation rather than studying. He began his YouTube channel “Learn with Amar” in 2016 when he was just 10 years old!
Current YouTube strength - 281,021


2. Kyrascope Toy Reviews

Kyrascope Toy Reviews is a popular YouTube channel which was started in 2016 by a seven-year-old girl named Kyra. Her channel contains reviews of toys, along with short stories, motivational pieces and some fun family moments – basically a package of “edutainment” for you.
Current YouTube strength - 11,622


3. Tech Reviewer Ronit Singh

Ronit Singh is just 14 and one of the youngest Tech Youtubers from India who started his channel in 2015. He unboxes and reviews the gadgets he owns and makes hands-on review videos with the devices, giving everyone his unique perspective on all things tech.
Current YouTube strength – 2637
Now that you have read stories about these kids who are just like you, aren’t you excited and motivated to do something like this too?
PS: YouTube is just the tip of the Internet iceberg. A PC can be your favorite toy, your library and one-click entertainer all rolled into one. Having a PC at home gives you the chance to be productive and obtain knowledge beyond your library.

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