Three Makerspace Projects Children Love

A Makerspace is a place where students can create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials with the help of a PC. [1]This encourages children to not only apply theories they've learned in school but to learn new ones too. As children don't follow a set curriculum in a Makerspace, it offers them the chance to learn by making.

These three Makerspace Projects will give you an idea of what your child can learn when they join a Makerspace. Not only are these projects educational, but they are great fun as well.

1. 4-wheel Balloon Car

This project is both entertaining and educational for children. Important Physics terminology that children only read in textbooks such as momentum, force, friction and speed come to life with basic materials such as balloons, straw, bottles and tape. Not just that, children re-purpose old household items to make this project, which helps them to understand the environmental impact of their decisions.

2. Lego as an Organiser 

Lego is a fun and versatile Makerspace material that can be used to build a number of things. Your child can build an organiser for stationery, coins, marbles, charging cables etc. by combining flat pieces of different sizes to create drawers and hollow spaces to store. This enables children to understand fundamental Geometrical concepts such as shapes, dimensions and space in a real-life scenario.

3. Conductive Greeting Cards

Hands-on experience helps a child to comprehend and relate better wtoPhysics lessons taught in school. Creating a conductive greeting card is an excellent way for children to learn and visualise theories such as power efficiency, electrical units and electrical voltage under the guidance of parents or supervisors. This project helps a child to be mindful with electric supplies and also provides an opportunity to be innovative for special occasions.

Every Makerspace project offers something new to learn for your child. That sense of achievement which comes from completing a project successfully is second to none. Furthermore, a child feels confident enough and motivated to take on the next project to keep on learning. Makerspaces are the library of the future, and cultivating a Maker mind-set will help your child develop the right skills they need to succeed to in the technologically driven world of tomorrow.

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